Guangzhou’s Weather from 18 Nov to 23 Nov: Temperature Drop and Precipitation


Based on the forecast updated today (17 Nov, 2016) by Guangzhou Meteorological Service, the upper level trough and southeasterly airflow will lead to moderate to heavy rainfall from 19 Nov to 20 Nov. From 22 Nov to 23 Nov, another moderate to heavy rainfall event will occur due to the upper-level wave, shear line, and the cold surge. Temperature will drop significantly and it will be chilly and cloudy.

Details are as follow:

18 Nov: Cloudy to shower with light fog, 21°C ~ 28°C(70°F~82°F);

19 Nov: Moderate to heavy rainfall, light fog in the morning and nighttime, 21°C ~ 26°C(70°F~79°F);

20 Nov: Cloudy with moderate rainfall, 22°C ~ 27°C(72°F~81°F);

21 Nov: Cloudy with shower, 21°C ~ 28°C(70°F~82°F);

22 Nov: Shower to moderate rainfall, 22°C ~ 26°C(72°F~79°F)

23 Nov: Cloudy with moderate to heavy rainfall, 23°C ~ 16°C(73°F~61°F)

24 Nov: Cloudy with moderate to heavy rainfall, 20°C ~ 13°C(68°F~55°F)

Please watch the temperature drop and the precipitation from 22 Nov to 23 Nov at Guangzhou. Bring adequate cloth and keep warm.